Mobile App for Coffee Shop Loyalty Rewards


The goal of the BRUD Rewards project was to reward coffee-lovers who support independent coffee shops and offer a way to order on the go.

Company Name: BRU'D Rewards

Month and Year Completed: 15/10/2023


BRU’D Reward is a new mobile ordering and loyalty rewards app built on the React Native framework that was created to break down the monopoly that corporate coffee chains like Starbucks and Pete’s Coffee have on the coffee industry. Offering loyalty rewards for coffee connoisseurs and supporting independent coffee shops is what they do best.

Project Objective

This project aims to create a seamless mobile app on React Native that translates well to both iOS and Android platforms with minimal additional code. Through regular market testing and feedback, we developed an app, unlike anything that is currently on the market. Utilizing only the best technology stack such as payment integrations through Stripe APIs and custom ordering APIs through the BRU’D ecosystem, this is a set up for scalability.


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November 10, 2023