React Native Mobile App Development for Coffee Merchants

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The goal of this project was to offer local coffee shops a way to manage their loyalty rewards programs for their customers, offer mobile ordering, and attract new customers.

Company Name: BRU'D Merchant

Month and Year Completed: 15/10/2023


BRU’D Rewards isn’t just about enhancing the coffee lover’s experience; it’s equally committed to empowering local, independently-owned coffee shops. The merchant version of the app is designed to help coffee shop owners thrive in a competitive market. They are embracing the future of coffee commerce through the merchant app to connect with a broader customer base, simplify order management, and enjoy the benefits of their loyalty program. BRU’D Rewards for merchants is the gateway to success in the evolving coffee industry.


As developers embarking on the BRU’D Rewards project, our primary goal is to create a seamless and intuitive mobile app experience that revolutionizes the coffee industry. Focused on React Native as our development framework of choice, we aim to leverage its versatility and efficiency to craft a cross-platform application that transcends traditional boundaries.

Development Goals:

  1. Unified User Experience: Utilize React Native to ensure a consistent and uniform user experience across both iOS and Android platforms. This approach streamlines development efforts, making it easier to maintain and update the app.
  2. Efficiency in Development: React Native’s “write once, run anywhere” philosophy aligns perfectly with our goal to streamline development. This approach accelerates the development cycle, allowing for quicker iterations and feature implementations.
  3. Cost-Effective Development: By choosing React Native, we aim to optimize development costs without compromising the quality of the app. This not only benefits the project budget but also contributes to the overall affordability and sustainability of BRU’D Rewards.
  4. Seamless Integrations: Leverage React Native’s capabilities to seamlessly integrate features such as mobile ordering, reward tracking, and location-based services. This ensures that users and merchants can effortlessly engage with the app’s diverse functionalities.
  5. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Ensure the app performs consistently across various devices, catering to the diverse user base and allowing coffee shops of all sizes to participate in the BRU’D Rewards ecosystem.
  6. Scalability and Future-Proofing: Implement a scalable architecture to accommodate the potential growth of BRU’D Rewards. React Native’s adaptability positions the app for future enhancements, additional features, and evolving industry trends.
  7. Collaborative Development: Foster a collaborative development environment by leveraging React Native’s ability to facilitate teamwork. This ensures efficient communication among developers, leading to faster issue resolution and feature implementation.

Our development strategy revolves around harnessing the power of React Native to create a robust, cost-effective, and scalable mobile app. The overarching aim is to deliver a cutting-edge experience for merchants within the dynamic landscape of the coffee industry.


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November 10, 2023