Website for Holistic Wellness Center in Los Angeles


A prominent holistic wellness center in Los Angeles with a solid online presence wanted to update its website to attract new clients and disseminate valuable information about its holistic wellness services.

Company Name: Healing by Moses

Month and Year Completed: 06/05/2021

Client Overview

Healing by Moses is a prominent holistic wellness center located in Los Angeles. With a strong online presence, their website plays a pivotal role in attracting clients and disseminating valuable information about their holistic wellness services. The client’s primary objective is to revamp their website while preserving their existing SEO rankings.

Project Objective

This project aims to redesign the Healing by Moses website, ensuring it remains a visually appealing, user-friendly platform while maintaining the site’s hard-earned SEO rankings. The core mission is to continue providing an informative and engaging experience for current and potential clients, further establishing Healing by Moses as a leading holistic wellness center in Los Angeles.


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October 10, 2023